At Safe and Sound Electronics we specialize in alarm installation, servicing and maintenance in all facets of electronic security including commercial, industrial and home security systems.


Have you ever wondered how safe you, your family and belongings are? We have made it our business to help safeguard your property and possessions.


At SSE we tailor security to your needs. To determine your security needs we will provide a no obligation home assessment for your alarm installation. Our security advisers are specialists and trained to make recommendations to suit all your security needs.


Your alarm system can communicate with you where ever you are for example: ring your mobile phone letting you know when there has been a security breach.


You can then log into your CCTV camera system to see why your alarm has gone off. You can watch live or play back footage from your DVR/monitor.


Safe and Sound Electronics alarm solutions protect your home or business through advanced detection of unauthorized entry and help maintain your business’ integrity by ensuring you know what’s happening on your site, every minute of the day.


Our alarm installers and managers are here to assist so give us a call.