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Safe and Sound Electronics is the number one choice for ducted vacuum system installations, with superior power and efficiency and a model to suit every home and all floor types. With our ducted vacuum systems the noise and dust is kept outside the house where it belongs.


The motor of the ducted vacuum system is typically located away from the living areas, usually in a garage, which minimizes noise. The vacuum system is accessed through wall inlets that have been placed in appropriate locations throughout the home. The system is activated by either inserting the hose into one of the inlets, or (in the case of our on/off hose kit) by the flick of a switch. All of the dust and debris are collected in a bin on the motor unit. A ducted vacuum system can be installed in just about any home, whether it is a new, old, split-level, multi-level or other.


We specialize in the installation, service and repair of Electron Ducted Vacuum Systems.

In 2006, Electron formed a new division called Hide-A-Hose Australia, which brought to the Australian market the Next Generation of ducted vacuums. The retractable hose ducted vacuum system. Hide-A-Hose solves the problem of carrying and storing a ducted vacuum hose. You’ll never have to carry or store a bulky ducted vacuum hose again. Simply pull out up to 15 metres of hose from the inlet valve, connect your cleaning wand (with attachment) and begin to vacuum.

When you’re finished, detach the cleaning wand from the hose and the suction from the ducted vacuum power unit retracts the hose into the smart piping system hidden behind the wall. No more dragging a hose from inlet to inlet, no more carrying, coiling and storing a bulky hose again.

Hide- A-Hose-Australia has now branched out to Sydney and we formed Hide-A-Hose-Sydney. Whatever your needs we can have it professionally installed for you, contact us today for a consultation.


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