Home Theatre

So you’ve made the all-important decision about which type and size of television to buy, you take it home and now it’s time to install it.


Safe and Sound Electronics offers full customer service for Home Theatre, Home Cinema including design, sales & installation. We specialize in home theatre, media rooms, multi-room Audio Visual, and specialized media systems.


Safe and Sound Electronics technicians are experts in the installation of home theatre equipment from simply wall mounting a plasma screen TV to installing fully automated home theatre systems.


Is your expensive plasma LCD TV sitting on a TV unit within reach of small children? Consider wall mounting it with concealed cables. Wall mounting your Plasma or LCD screen can create a prestigious, modern look and optimise your viewing experience.

No system is calibrated correctly straight out of the box and every sound system needs adjusting to your room.


So to ensure you get the best performance from your home theatre system, trust the installation to a professional.We can:

  • Save countless hours trying to install your system.
  • Install speaker cables inside the cavities so you don’t see them
  • You can enjoy an exceptional finished set-up optimised to suit your room.
  • Our technicians will also show you how to use it.